Group of 8 African-American women to earn Ph.d's simultaneously at Indiana University Their names are Jada Phelps-Moultrie, Shannon McCullough, Johari Shuck, Nadrea Njoku, Juhanna Rogers, Demetrees Hutchins, Jasmine Haywood, and Tiffany Kyser. They didn’t all start together but their all finishing their doctorates in higher education and student affairs from Indiana University. To give greater perspective on what a feat s, interim Robin Hughes, Executive Associate Dean states: “For a school that generally graduates between


  “What’s the science behind how early adversity gets under our skin, and how do we use that to come up with solutions?” - Dr.Nadine Burke Harris ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Pediatrician, advocate, mom & CEO/Founder of the Center for Youth Wellness (CYW) in San Francisco, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, was raised in Palo Alto, California by parents originally from Jamaica. With degrees from UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Harvard, Dr. Burke Harris left her residency at Stanford to

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