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Producer, OWN Studios It’s been a fabulous Black History Month: Obama is living well, the Oscars were’s only fitting

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Group of 8 African-American women to earn Ph.d's simultaneously at Indiana University Their names are Jada Phelps-Moultrie, Shannon McCullough, Johari

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Co-Founders of #BlackLivesMatter Where were you when you first heard the words “Black Lives Matter”? It’s probably around the same

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  It’s not easy for a woman to break into the male-dominated wine industry, especially a woman of color. The

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...And then sometimes the internet shows you a gem. Chris Golden, best known as Pandora radio and Spotify-featured hip hop


Co-Founder/CEO Code2040 “There’s been a shift in the way thought about and talked about that makes me really optimistic that


  Founder/CEO of Walker & Company Brands (Bevel) & CODE2040. Ingrown hairs and razor bumps affect all people who shave, but people of

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