…And then sometimes the internet shows you a gem. Chris Golden, best known as Pandora radio and Spotify-featured hip hop artist “Dub Bulloh” picks us back up with our Black History Month series shining as a lesson to USE YOUR STAGE – no matter where or when. In this particular case, the “when” was Summer 2016. The “where” was the top of a carrier truck during at #BlackLivesMatter rally. Hailing from East Point, GA by way of the Bronx, Dub Bulloh drives a truck in addition to his music. On what he describes as a “normal” day, things quickly turned into anything-but as a crowd of protesters outcrying the most recent police-killing of an unarmed African American male swarmed his regular route in downtown Atlanta.

While protesters chanted and helped one another onto the top of Dub Bulloh’s truck – now blocking traffic- Dub Bulloh took the opportunity to interview with WSBTV and share his opinions on what the demonstration.

“You know, the people really want action as well as I do, and there wasn’t nothing to be afraid about, nothing to be scared about. It’s just- the people want results and they want to be heard. And they just used the truck to help them do that.” The interview tone quickly goes from sweet to inspirational as both the correspondents and Dub Bulloh comment on the diverse makeup of the protesters.

“We were just talking about that. What do you think of the diversity of the crowd and the people who are out there?” asks the WSBTV reporter. Dub Bulloh replies quickly. “…I really loved it, cause’ that’s what I don’t get to see in the media much…it was a beautiful sight. I love all people, and it was beautiful to see people come together like that.” Check out the full 5min interview below!

When Dub Bulloh isn’t driving his truck, he’s an independent hip hop artist making music like slapper “G.O.Y. Gold (available on Spotify) and Miami Heat (available on Pandora). You can also find him on Pandora under the original spelling “Double O” where he sits with 285,000 spins (42,000 spins under Dub Bulloh.) He and his team also presented the G.O.Y Awards last year too which received over 2,000 votes for 11 categories. His inspirations include Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Master P, and Marvin Gaye.

Dub Bulloh’s advice to fellow artists and entrepreneurs? “Study your craft, learn as much as you can daily, the money will come, but you must actively seek the knowledge.”

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