Social Media Strategist/Creator #BlackLatinxHistory

As we continue into our monthlong celebration of Black History, we cannot stress the importance of focusing on diversity that exists in the African Diaspora. Our NBT feature for this day emphasized this with the creation of her now-viral hashtag #BlackLatinxHistory. (Pronounced “lah -teen- ex”) One needs look no further than Twitter to see the impact Juliana Pache’s hashtag is having within the Black and Latinx communities.

When asked about why and how she created the hashtag, Pache stated “I started posting facts about Black Latinx people, traditions and events, just because I wanted to see that and to share that. The Diaspora is thick and it’s spread out. I wanted to make sure our stories were being told. Originally, I was tagging #BlackHistory, but I created #BlackLatinxHistory when I realized the importance of highlighting this part of the Diaspora for the sake of representation. We’re so often left out of the conversation. Black Latinx is so rich and it’s right here in the U.S.” in an interview with

Pache graduated from Temple University with a B.A. in Media Studies and Production. She also manages and edits social media accounts for The Fader and Okay Player.

Check out multi-talented Juliana Pache singing a cover of Alicia Keys’ Butterflyz!


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