“We build the raised garden bed, you enjoy the harvest.”Jamil Burns


The more you read, the cooler this guy gets. Jamil Burns, Founder of farming company Raised Roots is making waves in the renewable urban gardening field. This Bay Area native’s social media alone is a vast resource of knowledge on the advantages of eating local: Even as local as your own backyard!

Making his way up NorCal to Stockon, Jamil studied at University of Pacific in the heart of the agriculturally driven San Joaquin Valley. While working towards his degree in Environmental Science noticed something was off. in the heart of the agriculturally driven San Joaquin Valley. On his GoFundme page, Jamil wrotes “In the valley, you can drive for miles and see nothing but orchards. So, naturally, I was somewhat taken aback upon learning that hunger was so prevalent right here in Stockton.”

Solution quickly turned to opportunity as Jamil decided to start a company that would open up access to fresh produce. His company, Raised Roots, installs and manages backyard gardens with the goal of showing people the difference growing their own food could make for your health and your wallet. They offer to teach you how to grow your own produce or take care of it for you.

Check out Raised Root’s recent feature while out at the Freedom Farmer’s Market in Oakland, CA.

Photo courtesy of Ferronlandia.com

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