Brian Gerrard, the CEO of a new tech company, BAE app is curated and targeted for people of color. Bae is a mobile app connected through Facebook, however, it’s goal is to take the quest for meaningful connection to this overlooked and demographic. With his brother, Justin Gerrard and CTO Jordan Kunzika, Brian hopes to change the market for Black men and women who are among the most technologically active but the least desirable group on other popular dating apps.

Brian, a graduate from UVA and past consultant for Nielsen, took the BAE app on the road for a tour of HBCU colleges, launching the app at Howard University. As a college educating millennial, Gerrard keenly understands the lack of matches and to enhance the Black dating experience. With the goal of promoting long term meaningful relationships through technology, it’s no small wonder why we think this creator is the #NextBigThing!

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