Everything in life is a piece of art” – Kashmir Thompson

Kashmir Thompson is shaking up the internet with her graphic design. This young artist moved to Atlanta after graduating from the Cleveland school of Arts where she studied visual communications. Now focused on her graphic design Kashmir’s work is influenced heavily by popular and hip hop culture and if you’re a 90s child there is no doubt you’ll feel a nostalgic longing looking at her art. Prints featuring popular characters from the Chappelle show, t-shirts with Prince Hakeem from Coming to America and my personal favorite, portraits from A Different World. It’s almost impossible to stop impulse purchases while scrolling through her product line.

Kashmir Thompson celebrates black culture and with faceless portraits calls back memories of simpler times. However, Kashmir doesn’t shy away from heavier subject matter – her pieces “…And Home of The…” and “Black Girl Pain” bring the news to the gallery and turns the #BlackLivesMatters movement into art. For making everyday life more beautiful, Kashmir Thompson is the Next Big Thing!

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