Tahir Jetter is an exciting up and coming filmmaker. Tahir started getting buzz after his promising short film “Close“, he caught the attention of our favorite Awkward Black Girl, Issa Rae. Issa helped push Tahir to the next level by included his web series “Hard Times” in her Color Creative initiative. This young filmmakers newest project is making waves as well, Occasionally Dating Black Women is an adaptation of a popular blog with the blog’s creator Ray Livingston portraying the main character.

Imagine if we shook up Eddie Murphy’s “Boomerang” + The Spirit of Drake’s Albums + Millennial Issues + Modern-Day Brooklyn & A Fine Eye for Classic, American Cinema, shook it up, and spit it out into a modern movie, this is how Tahir Jetter describes the film. That’s a big expectation to set but when you are as talented as Tahir Jetter, the sky is the limit!


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